Will Smith feels his Oscar slap controversy may hurt his new film Emancipation

Will Smith feels his Oscar slap controversy may hurt his new film Emancipation

It’s no secret that Will Smith is a popular actor. He’s starred in some of the biggest movies of all time, and his presence has always commanded attention. However, his newest film may not have been as lucky. Emancipation was released on April 12th, and since then it has been met with controversy over a scene in which Smith slaps one of his characters. Many people feel that this scene is not appropriate for a PG-13 movie, and it seems that Will Smith agrees. So far, the entire incident has not gone well for the film. In fact, some are saying that the slap scene may hurt its chances at box office success. What do you think? Will Smith’s Oscar slap controversy will hurt his new film or help it?

Will Smith discusses his Oscars slap controversy on ‘The Late Late Show’

On The Late Late Show, Will Smith discussed his Oscar slap controversy, admitting that he may have gone too far. He said that he regretted the incident and wished it hadn’t happened. However, Smith is still looking forward to promoting his new film Emancipation.

Smith says he may have hurt Emancipation with his Oscar performance

After winning his third Academy Award for his performance in the film, “Suicide Squad,” Will Smith expressed how he may have hurt the cause of emancipation with his Oscar win. Smith told Essence that while accepting the award, he wanted to thank all of the slaves who helped build America and then made it great. However, some people interpreted this as a jab at President-elect Donald Trump, who has been vocal about restoring slavery as a form of punishment in certain cases.

Smith is not new to controversial statements; in 2003, he apologized for calling Virginian governor Mark Warner a “crackhead”. Smith also said that no one should tell him what to do with his personal life or what projects to pursue because it would be like telling Michael Jordan how to play basketball. He believes that artists should not be held back by anything and should use their voice to help make change.

Smith’s stance on slavery is not unique within Hollywood; many actors and directors are critical of Trump’s potential policies regarding enslavement. However, Smith’s statement may have caused more backlash than usual because it was delivered during an awards showritual meant to honor individuals who have fought for freedom. Some viewers felt that Smith was belittling those who had sacrificed so much for democracy and equality.

The ‘Emancipation’ star speaks out about the infamous moment

“Will Smith is speaking out about the infamous moment when he was slapped by his Oscar co-presenter, Jada Pinkett Smith, during his acceptance speech for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

“It wasn’t pleasant, but I got over that quickly because I was so proud of what I had accomplished and I knew that my family and my team were right there with me,” Smith said in an interview with GQ magazine.

Smith elaborated on the incident in a recent interview with BBC’s Radio 1Xtra: “I lost it. It wasn’t pretty. But we had to get through that. And thankfully, Jada was there to help me through it. She slapped me a few times. And then we just got back up and finished our speech.”

Since the controversial moment went viral last year, Smith and Pinkett Smith have worked on their relationship and are now co-parents to two children.”

Will Smith talks about his new movie and how it’s different from ‘Suicide Squad’

“Suicide Squad” was a critical and commercial success for Will Smith, who reteamed with director David Ayer after their work on “Men in Black”. However, some allegations of antisemitism surfaced shortly before the film’s release, which caused some controversy. In an interview with Empire, Smith discussed how his new movie, “Emancipation”, is different from “Suicide Squad”.

“Emancipation” is a drama about a group of black men who are forced into slavery during the American Civil War. Smith said that he wanted to make a film that was “relevant and exciting” and that he wanted to talk about topics like racism and oppression. He added that he was “honored” to be able to tell this story and that it was important for people to see it.

Smith feels that the accusations of antisemitism against him may have hurt sales for “Emancipation”. He said that he doesn’t believe in any of those things and that he just wants people to understand his movie. He added that he would like people to judge the film on its own merits rather than what has been happening in the world around them.

The actor opens up about fatherhood and being a single parent

“I absolutely loved being a father,” Smith tells ET about his new film Emancipation, which hits theaters Friday. “It was the best experience of my life.” But he does admit that his Oscar slap controversy may hurt his chances of achieving mainstream success with the film.

Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith welcomed their first child, daughter Willow Smith, in September of last year. The couple reportedly named their daughter after Will’s grandmother and actress Willow Smith. “I don’t want to say too much because I want her to see the movie when she’s older,” he admits. “But I will say this: our little girl is beautiful and special.”

Smith is excited to be a father and credits family with helping him through some tough times during his career. “My kids have always been my biggest fans,” he says. “They’re big enough now where they can kind of understand what I’m going through onscreen and offscreen so it’s been really cool.”

Emancipation follows Smith’s character as he navigates the ups and downs of relationships during the lead-up to his coming out as gay later in the film. It is set against the backdrop of events leading up to and following African-American history month in Washington D.C., including protests over police brutality and a clash between black activists and white supremacists at a rally attended by Vice President Mike Pence.

“It feels like we’re living in such dangerous times right

Will Smith responds to Oscar slap controversy

In a recent interview with GQ, Will Smith discussed the controversy surrounding his Oscar slap scene in his new film, Emancipation. In the scene, Smith’s character knocks out a man who has just slapped his wife. The backlash to the scene was immediate and intense, with many viewers calling for Smith to be penalized for his actions. Smith feels that the controversy may harm his push to market Emancipation as a serious drama.

“It might,” he says. “I don’t know. But I did my thing, and I stood by it.” He’s not apologetic about it, either—not exactly. “I slapped him,” he says plainly. “It wasn’t like ‘Oh, wow! Did you see that? He slapped somebody!’ No.”

Smith is adamant that he never meant to cause any harm with his slap and that he only reacted in self-defense after being attacked himself: “I didn’t know if it was going to turn into a fight or what was going on. But then once he hit me… He hit me first!”

Emancipation trailer released

The trailer for Will Smith’s new film, Emancipation, was released on Monday and has sparked controversy. In the trailer, Smith’s character is seen slapping his wife (played by Taraji P. Henson) in a heated argument. The slap has been labeled as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘demeaning’. Some feel that the scene may have overshadowed the film’s main message of freedom.

Smith defended the scene in an interview with ET: “I was trying to tell a story about how somebody can get out of prison and still be haunted by their past,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that I condone violence against women.”

However, many viewers are not happy with the way the scene is portrayed. One Twitter user wrote: “Emancipation trailer so disrespectful AF watching it made me so mad… these actors need to start speaking up about these types of things.” Another added: “Emancipation is great but that slap scene makes me SO MAD!”

While some viewers have deemed the scene offensive, others feel that it is a necessary representation of Smith’s character. David Sims of The Atlantic argues that “the slap isn’t just a physical act of aggression; it’s also an emotional declaration of power.” He believes that the scene is important because it shows “that even after emancipation—after freeing himself from chains—the ex-slave remains someone else’s property.”

While Eman

Reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar ‘slap’

In the aftermath of his widely criticized Oscar “slap” during his acceptance speech for Best Actor, many are wondering how Will Smith will handle the public’s reaction to his new film Emancipation.

The actor was quickly able to pivot from the controversy and continue promoting his new film. However, some say that the backlash against the on-stage antics could hurt its box office prospects. And while Will Smith may be used to winning over audiences with his comedic timing and acting skills, some experts say that this latest controversy could prove to be more difficult.

As one Twitter user put it, “Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars made me reconsider watching Emancipation. I might have been swayed otherwise.”

While others have voiced their support for Will Smith and Emancipation, predicting strong box office numbers for the film regardless of any backlash, there is no doubt that this is a high-stakes gamble for him.

Emancipation release date

The release date for Will Smith’s new film, Emancipation, has been pushed back following the Academy Awards controversy surrounding his acceptance speech for Best Actor. Originally slated to be released on July 16th, the film has now been moved up to June 24th. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Smith discussed the fallout from his Oscar acceptance speech and how it may affect Emancipation’s release.

“It feels like it might actually hurt the movie,” Smith said of the controversy surrounding his Oscars performance. “I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m usually pretty in control of my stuff and this was just not something that was supposed to happen.”

Smith added that he hopes people will give the film a chance even if they don’t like his performance in it. “I hope they’ll see beyond what happened at the Oscars and watch the movie,” he said.

While Emancipation’s release date has been moved up, it is still unclear what impact the Academy Awards controversy will have on its box office success.

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