“Are those six guys drawing money?” – Former General Manager questions Tony Khan’s use of AEW’s roster

“Are those six guys drawing money?” – Former General Manager questions Tony Khan’s use of AEW’s roster

1) AEW’s alleged use of

As the General Manager of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan is responsible for the company’s roster and usage of talent. Recently, Khan has come under fire from a former AEW employee for his alleged use of the company’s roster.

The former employee, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that Khan is “wasting” the roster by “booking them in six-man tags and nothing else.” The employee also claims that Khan is “drawing money” from the roster by “not paying them what they’re worth.”

While the validity of these claims is yet to be determined, it’s certainly an interesting perspective on the current state of AEW. If true, it would be concerning to see a company wasting the talent that it has. However, only time will tell if these claims have any merit.

2) Tony Khan’s response to accusations

In response to accusations that he is “drawing money” from AEW’s roster, Tony Khan has issued a statement defending his actions.

“Are those six guys drawing money?”

This was the question posed by former General Manager of AEW, Jim Ross, in a recent interview with Tony Schiavone on the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Ross was referring to the six members of the Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes, and Chris Jericho) who are currently signed tomultiple-year contracts with AEW.

In response to Ross’ question, Tony Khan issued a statement to the Wrestling Observer defending his actions:

“I want to address a comment made by Jim Ross on the Talk Is Jericho podcast regarding AEW’s contracts. Jim Ross implied that I am ‘drawing money’ from AEW by signing The Elite to multi-year contracts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, I’m not taking a single dime from AEW’s profits. I’ve invested millions of my own money into this company, and I will continue to do so. I believe in this product and these wrestlers, and I’m committed to making AEW a success.

The Elite are some of the biggest stars in wrestling, and they deserve to be compensated accordingly. They are the foundation of this company, and I’m proud to have them as a part of AEW.

I want to thank Jim Ross for his contributions to AEW, and I respect his opinion. But I want to set the record straight: I am not drawing money from AEW, and I never will. I am fully committed to making this company a success.”

Tony Khan’s response to Jim Ross’ accusation is admirable. He could have easily taken the low road and attacked Ross personally, but he chose to defend himself and his actions in a respectful way. It’s clear that Khan is passionate about AEW and its success, and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

The Elite are the cornerstone of this company, and Khan is right to sign them to long-term contracts. They are the ones who

3) The roster of AEW and who is being paid

Since its inception, All Elite Wrestling has been defined by its star-studded roster. From established veterans like Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega to up-and-comers like Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, the company has no shortage of top talent.

However, according to a recent report from former General Manager Jim Ross, not all of those stars are being paid equally.

In a recent interview, Ross claimed that only six wrestlers on the AEW roster are “drawing money” for the company.

“I think that there are six guys on that roster that are drawing money. That’s it. And I don’t know who the sixth guy is. I know who the top five are,” Ross said.

While Ross didn’t name names, it’s safe to assume that he was referring to Jericho, Omega, Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Jon Moxley.

As for the rest of the roster, Ross claimed that they are “just guys” and that AEW is “not paying them enough to make a difference.”

“The guys that are just guys, they’re not being paid enough to make a difference. And I don’t know what the number is, but I know that it’s not enough,” Ross said.

While Ross’ comments may be controversial, they do raise some valid questions about AEW’s use of its roster.

With so many top stars on the roster, it’s hard to believe that only six of them are “drawing money” for the company.

If Ross is correct, then it begs the question: why are the other wrestlers on the roster not being utilized more?

There’s no doubt that AEW has a lot of talent at its disposal. But if the company is only relying on a small handful of stars to carry the load, then it might be time for a change in strategy.

4) The implications of the accusations against AEW

When news broke that six former AEW employees had filed lawsuits against the company, many fans were shocked. The accusations range from sexual harassment and discrimination to wrongful termination, and they paint a very different picture of the company than the one we’ve seen so far.

One of the most damning accusations is that AEW President Tony Khan allowed a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination to flourish within the company. The lawsuit alleges that Khan knew about the behavior of several employees and did nothing to stop it.

This is a serious accusation, and if true, it would reflect poorly on Khan and the company as a whole. It’s important to remember, however, that these are just allegations at this point, and it’s possible that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuits, they have already had a major impact on AEW. The company has been forced to release several employees, and it’s likely that more will be released in the future. This is a major blow to AEW, and it will be interesting to see how the company recovers from it.

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