A Look Back at WWE superstar Bray Wyatt's Influential Career

Bray Wyatt originally known as Windham Rotunda was born on May 23 1986.

His journey, in the wrestling industry began in 2009 when he started working for promotions like FCW and ROH.

In 2012 he inked a contract with WWE. Made his debut on the roster in 2013 as the leader of the renowned Wyatt Family.

The Wyatt Family swiftly gained popularity. Became one of WWEs most beloved factions.

Bray Wyatt himself received accolades for his character portrayal and captivating promos.

He subsequently embarked on a singles career clinching the WWE Championship in 2017.

Additionally, he secured the WWE Universal Championship once.

Triumphed in the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship during his tenure.

However, his time with WWE came to an end in 2021 when he was released from the company.

Since then he has actively competed on the circuit. Joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

With his style and innovative approach to wrestling Bray Wyatt left a mark, on WWE's landscape.