The Greatest American Football Games of All Time

The Ice Bowl (1967):  Coldest game in NFL history. Packers beat Cowboys 21-17.

The Immaculate Reception (1972):  Steelers beat Raiders on a controversial catch.

The Catch (1981):  49ers beat Cowboys on a last-second pass.

The Music City Miracle (1999):  Titans beat Bills on a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown.

Super Bowl XLII (2007):  Giants beat Patriots in a major upset.

1958 NFL Championship Game:  Colts beat Giants in the first overtime playoff game.

The Heidi Game (1968):  NBC cut away from a Giants game to air the movie "Heidi."

The Snow Bowl (1971):  Cowboys beat Vikings in a blizzard.

The Super Bowl Shuffle (1985): Bears players rap about their upcoming Super Bowl appearance.

The Tuck Rule Game (2001):  Patriots beat Raiders on a controversial call.