OMG 2 vs. Gaddar 2: The Ultimate Box Office Clash Unfolds!

OMG 2" has a slow opening weekend at the movie office, taking in Rs. 9 crore on Day 1.

"Gaddar 2" is a tough competitor to Akshay Kumar's most recent movie in India.

Despite its star strength, "OMG 2" finds it difficult to keep up with its rival film's pacing.

As a strong challenger, "Gaddar 2" outperforms Akshay Kumar's film on opening day.

According to box office results, "OMG 2" came in last, collecting Rs. 9 crore, while "Gaddar 2" earned much better.

The anticipation of the public does not result in a huge opening day performance for "OMG 2."

"OMG 2" falls short as "Gaddar 2" beats it at the box office in India with strong earnings.

As "Gaddar 2" leads the early box office collections, Akshay Kumar's movie faces a difficult battle.

Discussions about "OMG 2's" potential to catch up to "Gaddar 2" are prompted by its slow start.

"OMG 2" struggles to make an impression in day 1 revenues as "Gaddar 2" steals the show.