Panthers' O-Line Owns Bryce Young's Struggles


The preseason matchup between the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers was featured on HBO's "Hard Knocks."

Throughout the game, Bryce Young, the rookie quarterback for the Panthers, took some challenging knocks.

 Young was sacked after taking a beating on two of his first three pass attempts.

James Campen, the offensive line coach, met in private with the offensive linemen to discuss their performance.

Even in a preseason game, the club conceded that the performance wasn't up to par.

Despite the blows, Young's resilience demonstrated his toughness and allayed worries about his build.

Young's safety raised questions as the purportedly powerful offensive line struggled to shield him.

Solomon Thomas of the Jets struck Young hard, highlighting the difficulties the left tackle was having.

Frank Reich, who bases playing time on practice performance, was curious about Young's future.

Young showed composure, speed in making decisions, and focus while the Panthers' offensive line worked to enhance protection.