10 US Cities and Towns Undergoing Rapid Decline

Detroit, Michigan Due to economic challenges and job scarcity, Detroit is one of the fastest-shrinking cities.

Cleveland, Ohio Due to population loss and financial problems, Cleveland is one of the cities that are fast disappearing.

Shreveport, Louisiana Shreveport is another city whose population is rapidly decreasing as a result of economic problems.

Stockton, California Economic downturns and a high cost of living are to blame for Stockton's position on the list of cities that are rapidly declining.

Memphis, Tennessee Memphis is on the list owing of its declining population and its difficult economic status.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee's precipitous fall is a result of economic issues and a lack of employment.

Fulton, New York Due to population decline and economic challenges, Fulton is one of the cities that is disappearing most quickly.

Albany, Georgia Albany is one of the cities with a significant population drop and difficult economic circumstances.

Rochester, New York Economic challenges, including a growing lack of jobs, are blamed for Rochester's rapid decline.

Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock is one of the fastest-shrinking cities due to population loss, and its economy is struggling.